USB drives can be any shape you want. We can customize your USBs to suit your business, whether itís cars, sports, food items, games or anything you can imagine. If you have an original idea for a unique shaped USB drive give us a call and we can make it real. There is a choice of different materials to make custom shaped USB drives so you can pick what suits your needs and your budget Ė give us a call toll free at 1-800-385-6522 to talk about options. We can create any 3D shape you need to house USBs, from footballs to cars, human figures to sushi rolls. And the process is as simple as sending us a photo or just explaining the object in a phone call or email. Have you ever wanted to see your logo in 3D? We can make a custom shaped USB drive even from a flat image. Because this is such a custom product, the images above donít show nearly all the possibilities, so call now and have a chat with one of our friendly experts.