The best place to keep your important information is in your wallet. With a Credit Card USB drive you can keep your data safe in your pocket or bag, and the large flat space is ideal for displaying your custom graphics: Logos, text and full color images. Also dubbed “the USB business card”, when you can hand someone your contact info on this card you can also give them important documents, or just a useful drive that will encourage them to think of your business every time they use it. These lightweight cards and be printed edge-to-edge (with full bleeds), on both sides and full color printing is included for free when you choose Credit Card USB drives. The USB memory chip is located on a small tab that flips open and swivels around to allow them to fit in any computer’s USB ports and when the tab is clipped shut it is almost invisible. Ask our friendly customer service agents about the limitless options of printing on this versatile piece of high tech branding or follow the link at the top of the page to get current pricing right now!